How to Kick Your Caffeine Addiction without Feeling Miserable


I seriously freaking love it. Everything about it. It welcomes me in the morning like an old friend, it never lets me down. I love it so much, I drink the whole pot sometimes. Or at least, I used to.

Coffee in and of itself is not an unhealthy food. In fact – it contains powerful compounds that are really, really good for us. However, the benefits of coffee are soon outweighed by an overdose of stimulating caffeine once we go over 1 or 2 cups a day.

Luckily, through my own trial and research I have discovered the perfect supplement combo to help kick my over the top caffeine addiction to the curb while maintaining my sanity and physical well being. I never thought cutting back on caffeine could be as easy as this is proving itself to be.

If you’re the energy drink type, then I truly suggest trying to implement these supplements as a way to kick the habit. If this is your situation, you may also be dealing with a sugar addiction – most energy drinks are absolutely loaded with the stuff. This will make quitting a bit more challenging, but with these tools your journey to cutting these toxic drinks out of your diet will be that much easier.

The result of too much caffeine is an overstimulated fight or flight response, which increases cortisol levels in the body (the stress hormone). Cortisol damages the cells of our body and makes us pretty darn anxious and stressed out. As someone prone to anxiety, it makes a lot of sense for me to cool it down a bit.

Reducing caffeine intake helps our body to better regulate its own hormones. This is crucial to proper functioning of every part of the body and achieving mental and emotional well being.

I’m now starting my day with just one cup, down from anywhere up to 6 cups. I did it without any headaches or fatigue.

You know what? I truly LOVE this one cup of coffee. I make it special and extra nutritious by making it bulletproof, sometimes even adding raw cacao for a bulletproof mocha.

The following supplements have not only helped me to kick my caffeine addiction without feeling tired, cranky, or losing focus, but they have also helped me to just feel pretty darn incredible anyway. I feel better than I did before I cut down so drastically on my caffeine.

I am experiencing a body that is being powered by it’s own vitality instead of an excess of stimulants, and it is incredibly satisfying.

Top 4 Supplements for Kicking a Caffeine Addiction for Good

Ashwagandha Root

Ashwagandha is a traditional Ayurvedic herb that has been used for thousands of years to treat depression, help maintain focus, and as an immune booster. The root of the plant is high in all kinds of amino acids, alkaloids, and fatty acids that work together to provide a ton of benefits – one of them being the ability to provide energy and focus without an energy crash.

I take 4 capsules a day, 2 in the AM and 2 more in the PM.

Chelated Magnesium

Magnesium is incredibly useful for helping us to ease those withdrawal headaches after quitting or heavily decreasing our caffeine intake. Additionally, magnesium helps to increase our energy levels, promote healthy sleep patterns, calm nerves and anxiety, and decrease cortisol levels.

When purchasing this mineral supplement, look for its chelated version. Chelated means that the magnesium was bound to an amino acid in a lab. This increases the supplement’s bioavailability (its ability to be thoroughly absorbed by the body). This assures that you are purchasing something that your body can actually use, instead of just really expensive urine.

Chelated minerals are also gentler on the stomach for those of us who are very sensitive to mineral supplements.

I take 4 capsules at night before bed.


L-Theanine is the amino acid that is found in green tea that is largely responsible for the drink’s mood boosting effects. Additionally, this amino acid can be used to improve concentration and promote relaxation for healthy sleep patterns.

I take 1 capsule twice a day in between meals.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B-6 does wonders for our central nervous system – helping us to ease anxiety and calm the nerves. It is also crucial for the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

I take one capsule per day in the morning.



Additionally to supplementation, increasing your water intake, regulating your sleep patterns, and exercise all help the body to adjust to a brain sans caffeine.

What has been your experience in trying to cut out caffeine? Have you been successful, and how did you do it? What have been your pitfalls in this area? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a beautiful weekend,

Emily XOX


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4 thoughts on “How to Kick Your Caffeine Addiction without Feeling Miserable

    1. Hi Sreya,

      Thank you! I know it’s hard to cut down (especially for people like us who clearly love coffee), but I know you will feel amazing once you get started and get over the hump 🙂

      Good luck, let me know how it goes for you!


  1. I use to do the same thing! Coffee was my bestest friend then i thought about all that caffeine and sugar running rampant on my waistline and heart. I only have one cup and stopped with lemon water. I will check into these supplements, I’m all about supplements that help stay healthy.

    1. Hi Leslie,

      Totally, you will probably really like these! I love lemon water too. I try to get in the habit of drinking lemon water before a meal to help with digestion, but it is also great for maintaining an alkaline state. Good luck with your supplements, and awesome work kicking the caffeine habit!

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