Bulletproof Yerba Mate Latte

I’m really excited about this recipe, guys.

I wanted to play around with the bulletproof coffee recipe and create something completely new. This is partly due to the fact that I feel like I have been drinking too much coffee.

Everyone needs a vice, okay? I gave up meat, but don’t take my caffeine. At least not yet ūüėČ

I’ve been occasionally brewing up loose leaf yerba mate in my coffee maker and drinking it hot just as I would coffee. I thought this would make a great base for a bulletproof latte.

Yerba mate is an antioxidant rich, caffeine containing drink that originates from South America. What I love about this tea-like beverage is that it contains compounds that boost serotonin production, which allows us to feel all the best feels like euphoria, happiness, bliss, and contentment.

It’s also insanely nutrient dense. It contains 24 different vitamins and minerals and 15 different amino acids (a.k.a. proteins¬†–¬†hey vegans!)

You can purchase loose-leaf yerba mate at most health food stores. I know for a fact that Whole Foods carries it.

I used an immersion blender to combine all the ingredients, but you can use a regular blender too. Stirring by hand won’t cut it – in order for the coconut oil to fully emulsify you need some more powerful machinery. Plus, that’s how you achieve that frothy, creamy, latte-like effect.

Bulletproof Yerba Mate Latte

Vegan, fat burning, antioxidant rich. Makes 1 serving.


*I’ve included links to where you can find these items on Amazon as an easy option to just order one or two things without a commitment, but I use to order most of my ingredients now. Thrive Market¬†sells high quality health foods at warehouse prices for a small annual fee – plus they offer free shipping for orders over $49. Use my link here to receive 15% off your first order!


Using an immersion or stand up blender, combine all ingredients until fully mixed and frothy. Pour into mug, top with extra cinnamon if desired.

Drink up, feel awesome. Actually do all the things you told yourself you would do today.

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