Bullet-Proof Coffee: A Success Story

My love for coconut oil is a new one.

I was taught through my very restricted curriculum that coconut oil is a saturated fat, therefore, on a molecular level, affects our heart health the same way that other saturated fats like butter and lard do.

Oh, so wrong, so wrong.

It’s embarrassing really. I had heard and read about coconut oil in various forums – all it’s benefits and incredible properties. Pseudoscience – I thought – nutritional propoganda. I have my degree in nutrition, I was taught better. Sure, coconut oil most certainly has nutritional benefits – more so than butter – but it’s still saturated, and therefore should be taken with precaution.

I saw the light earlier last year after reading about the type of saturated fats that coconut oil contains. The saturated fats in coconut oil are made up medium-chain fatty acids. These molecules are shaped differently than most other saturated fats that come from many animal products, allowing them to pass through the blood stream with more ease. They do not stack themselves on the arterial wall like other fats do, causing plaque.

Medium chain fatty acids are metabolized more efficiently than other, longer fatty acid chains. These fats travel directly to the liver to be used as energy. Other saturated fats become easily stored in the body as extra body fat. The fats in coconut oil are quickly used for energy, making them beneficial in weight loss.

Clearly, I had been missing out on so much awesome. What kind of nutritionist am I?

I was excited to incorporate coconut oil into my everyday life. I began cooking my morning eggs with it, sautéing vegetables – basically replacing olive oil in my daily cooking with this delicious new ingredient I was suddenly allowed to have. I loved the flavor it provided my foods that I was cooking, and I appreciated the under-the-skin benefits.

I had heard of something called “Bulletproof Coffee” from my mother – who claimed it to be the most delicious way she had ever had her morning Jo. Intrigued, I decided to give it a shot on Christmas Eve before heading out to complete some last minute errands.

Let’s just say I am so immensely grateful I had the house to myself that day.

Because it turns out that coconut oil, when taken in high doses, makes for a highly effective laxative.

Many may argue that a full-on colon cleanse right before the holidays is a great idea. Having unintentionally undergone one myself, I can’t say I agree.

A problem of mine is that I have a hard time controlling myself when I discover that I am finding a new food extremely delicious. Like an entire french press of coffee. With about 3 tablespoons of coconut oil blended into it.

Word of caution folks: work your way up. Start small – a couple teaspoons maybe, in one or two cups of coffee?

After doing some bathroom research and realizing my mistake, I decided to proceed with caution my next time around. I was uncomfortable, but not stirred away from the possible benefits. I had to make this work.

But…I did give it a couple days. In all honesty, it was difficult just to look at the jar of coconut oil in the cupboard. Thankfully, I got over it.

I discovered by using the right proportions that this morning tonic provided me with a level of bounce that coffee had never given me before. I felt alert, energized, and focused with just one cup. It was awesome.

So here is my new, and very much improved recipe on my idea of perfect bullet-proof coffee. No gastro-intestinal upset here.

The amount of coconut oil can be adjusted as needed – making some increases to a tablespoon or more is possible after your body gets used to it, or decreasing to just 1 teaspoon if you know you have a very sensitive stomach.

Bullet-Proof Coffee

  • 8 oz. prepared fair trade coffee of choice
  • 2 tsp. coconut oil
  • 1/4 tsp. real vanilla extract
  • Sugar or sweetener of choice *optional -I honestly feel like the coconut flavor and vanilla extract take on a sweetening element of their own.

Combine in a blender, and blend until frothy and creamy looking. Serve hot with breakfast. Perfection.

This recipe is completely vegan and keto-friendly.

UPDATE: I have come up with my new favorite addiction, bullet-proof keto mocha! For those mornings when chocolate becomes drastically necessary…

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