A Nutritionist’s Pantry: What I Always Have on Hand to Stay on Track with a Plant Based Lifestyle

A Nutritionist’s Pantry: What I Always Have on Hand to Stay on Track with a Plant Based Lifestyle

After living in beautiful Monterey for two years, my boyfriend and I are making the move back home to Sonoma County. As of this upcoming weekend we will be back in the North Bay closer to our family and starting our lives together in our very own place, and we are pretty damn stoked.

I’m especially excited to start a new pantry from scratch (foodie nerd alert!) I’m determined to prepare our pantry with whole, nutritious foods and spices to get our new life off to a vital start.

I’ve been training for this.

I thought I’d share with you all exactly what I’m in the market for, as well as items that I already have. I truly believe that the following items are the basic ingredients to healthy cooking. With some key ingredients you can prepare an unlimited number of meals on the fly.  It’s empowering and surprisingly simple once you have the basics down.

Having a base pantry makes it easy to try new recipes, because you will more than likely not have to purchase every ingredient needed. This makes for less time in the grocery store, less money spent on individual meals, and more time cooking and enjoying the food. 

*I’ve included links to where you can find these items on Amazon as an easy, convenient option to just order one or two things without a commitment, but I use to order most of my ingredients now. Thrive Market sells high quality health foods at warehouse prices for a small annual fee – plus they offer free shipping for orders over $49. Use my link here to receive 15% off your first order!

The Shopping List


  1. Organic coconut oil
  2. Organic extra virgin olive oil
  3. Avocado oil
  4. Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
  5. Low sodium soy sauce
  6. Champagne vinegar
  7. Rice wine vinegar
  8. Red cooking wine
  9. White cooking wine


  1. Whole black peppercorns
  2. Ground black pepper
  3. Himalayan pink sea salt
  4. Ground turmeric
  5. Curry powder
  6. Ceylon cinnamon (why ceylon?)
  7. Whole cinnamon sticks
  8. Star anise
  9. Ground cumin
  10. Chili powder
  11. Ground nutmeg
  12. Onion powder
  13. Garlic powder
  14. Allspice
  15. Nutritional yeast
  16. Smoked paprika
  17. Italian seasoning blend
  18. Coleman’s Dried Mustard Powder
  19. Fair trade raw cacao powder (for bullet-proof mocha!)


  1. Dried beans (black, white)*
  2. Dried lentils (red, brown)*
  3. Dried chickpeas*
  4. All-natural peanut or almond butter
  5. PB2 dried peanut butter powder
  6. Chia seeds
  7. Raw walnuts
  8. Raw cashews
  9. Ground flaxseed
  10. Coconut milk yogurt
  11. Tempeh
  12. Soyrizo (my fave!)
  13. Daiya vegan cheeze (For grilled cheese sandwiches this stuff is AMAZING – big time vegan win.)
  14. Spirulina
  15. Maca powder

*Hydrating dried beans and lentils is healthier (less salt and processing chemicals in the cans) and so much cheaper, ounce by ounce, than canned beans. A little extra time and some simple preparation is all that is needed.)


  1. Organic quinoa
  2. Organic brown rice
  3. Organic whole wheat flour
  4. Organic un-bleached AP flour
  5. Organic coconut flour


  1. Stevia powder
  2. Raw, organic honey
  3. Raw agave nectar
  4. Organic fair-trade cane sugar (brown and white for the occasional baking)


  1. Fresh organic bananas
  2. Organic frozen berries (for smoothies)
  3. Organic frozen vegetables (for stir-fries and soups)
  4. Fresh sweet potatoes
  5. Yellow onion
  6. Fresh garlic
  7. Organic whole lemons
  8. Organic lemon juice
  9. Avocado
  10. Organic BPA free canned diced tomatoes
  11. Organic BPA free canned tomato paste
  12. Ginger paste (for when I’m in a rush)
  13. Fresh ginger (can be stored in freezer)
  14. Dried goji berries
  15. Fresh spinach (for smoothies)
  16. Fresh watercress


  1. Organic low sodium vegetable broth
  2. Organic mushroom broth
  3. Unsweetened non-dairy milk
  4. Peppermint loose leaf tea (digestion)
  5. Chamomile loose leaf tea (anti-inflammatory, relaxation)
  6. Lavender loose leaf tea (relaxation, insomnia)
  7. Whole bean organic fair-trade coffee
  8. Vegan protein powder
  9. Loose-leaf yerba mate (for Bulletproof Yerba Mate Lattes!)
  10. Matcha green tea powder (for Matcha Green Tea Chia Pudding!)


  1. Sourdough starter (find out how to make it yourself here!)
  2. Activated yeast
  3. Good quality vanilla extract


  1. Vegetable spiralizer (I have this one and I love it.)
  2. Coffee grinder*
  3. Slow cooker
  4. Salt and pepper grinders
  5. Chef’s knife (you really only need one good knife)
  6. Glass storage containers for leftovers
  7. Tea diffuser (for all my loose-leaf teas)
  8. Blender
  9. Pots and lids in varying sizes
  10. Cutting boards

*Avoid the fillers often used in pre-ground coffee by purchasing it whole bean and grinding it yourself. It also smells so much better when it’s ground fresh, batch by batch.

Although this will be an expensive shopping trip, it will make my grocery bill easier to maintain in the long run, as I am buying ingredients, not premade food. Eating this way is always cheaper (not to mention healthier) in the long run.

What basics do you keep on hand to stay on track? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. By making a purchase through those links, I will earn commission that allows me the freedom to write, cook, and live a healthy life as well as keep SizzleBliss up and running with absolutely no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting SizzleBliss in this way, I am truly thankful. 

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