5 Mind Hacks for Staying Motivated to Work Out When You Can’t Even


So much of sticking to or starting a new habit is about tricking yourself into being excited during the times when you just aren’t feeling it. 

I may not always be particularly excited to go to the gym everyday, but I am most definitely excited about the results that this habit is bringing me and will continue to bring. The trick is remembering and focusing on those results every single day.

Sometimes, a little extra motivation in the form of new cross-trainers or a new workout playlist can do the trick as well. The solution lies in figuring out what motivates YOU.

These are tricks that I have found really kick my butt into gear when I’m feeling disempowered and bored. Staying dedicated is about having your own bag of tricks handy at any time to give you the right boost when you need it most.


Sit down and write a list of the reasons that you have decided to get fit. There are no small or “shallow” reasons, they are all valid! If they get you in the gym, they are the perfect reasons.

Read them every single day. Every single day. Let these goals permeate the deepest levels of your mind. Take a moment and really feel the feelings of accomplishing your goals. How will you look? How will you feel? How will you move and be around your friends and loved ones? What would change in your life if these goals were accomplished? Think these thoughts until they are so real that nothing will stand in your way of achieving them.

There’s a reason I put this trick first – this has been the number one most effective mind hack for me when it comes to my workouts as well as many other areas of my life that required persistence and dedication. When I take the time to practice this exercise, it works EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


Do you cringe every time you reach for your battered and dirty old cross-trainers? Sweat stains on your sports bras got you down?

Something new and stylish that fits you perfectly can bring an air of novelty and freshness to your workout routine. It could be as splurge-worthy as new leggings or as simple as a fun headband. Whatever it is, make sure you love it and that you feel great in it.


Music can be an amazing motivator when energy levels are low and ambition is lost. I love Spotify because they have tons of upbeat playlists that get me going when my own playlist becomes outdated. You can also listen to any playlist or album on shuffle mode for free, so you won’t be racking up charges for individual songs just for working out.


The “early bird gets the worm” concept can be a little less than inspiring for those of us who soak up our mornings slowly and come to life later in the afternoon.

Don’t feel disheartened if you can’t bring yourself to workout first thing in the AM. I personally love to work out in the afternoon, in between the morning and after-work gym-goers. This time just happens to work well with my current schedule. Some people love to work very late at night and others before the sun comes up. If you have the luxury of choosing a more inspiring time to work out then you should so. 


Anything can get boring after doing it long enough, including your workout strategy. Try taking a fitness class or switching up your routine in the gym. Add some intervals to your cardio or consider hiring a personal trainer to get your butt in gear.

Adding variation to your routine not only can inspire you to work out more but it’s also better for your body – you will begin to see better and more dynamic results from working muscle groups in different ways and varying your cardio.

What do you do to stay motivated? Like, share, and comment below with those little tricks that get you through 😉

Cheers to a great workout,

Emily xox

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